Short Weekend Breaks

Welcome to Our website has been designed to help individuals and couples looking for short  weekend breaks in the country or major cities around the UK.

Weekend holiday breaks are great times to relax and usually last from Friday to Sunday, but many times go through to Tuesday if it is  a Bank Holiday weekend.

Weekend Breaks Are More Popular

Weekend breaks are becoming very popular in the UK due to various reasons, the main reasons are

  • Recession
  • School Holidays
  • Different Short Weekend Breaks

Recession Holiday Breaks

Due to the recession in the UK which brings high unemployment and families struggling on the breadline,  many couples and families are struggling to get an annual holiday abroad, or weeks away on holiday. Families are now going for short weekend breaks at different parts of the year at different locations.

School Holidays

The way the UK school holiday timetable is set out, all schools break up at near enough the same time, so holiday companies and travel firms and holiday resorts push their prices up to levels that most families cannot afford, especially due to the recession.

Families, instead of going away while the cost is high during school holidays, plan short weekend breaks around the UK during school holidays or half term breaks.

Different Short Weekend Breaks

The benefit of short weekend breaks is that you can plan multiple breaks over the year and over multiple locations, typical familiy holidays are at one location or one resort. With short weekend breaks you can go to a different place every short break and do a different activity every time.

Benefits Of Short Weekend  Breaks

As you can see from above the benefits of short weekend breaks appeal to so many couples and families because of the price and the  choice of different weekends away over the course of the year. Have a look at our pages and find a great idea or destination for your next weekend break…